Designated Funds

SPECIAL DESIGNATED FUNDS: Trinity United Methodist Church Council approves the establishment of Special Designated Funds for unique mission areas that require separate accounting from our General Fund. Giving to Special Designated Funds should only be done over and above giving to General Fund.

Below is the current list of our Special Designated Funds along with a short description of their mission. To give to a Special Designated Fund your contribution should be directed to “Trinity United Methodist Church (insert name of Designated Fund).” The church recognizes the above funds as vital parts of the church’s purpose and has established each fund as an ongoing process. Should at any time in the future the Finance Committee recommend & the church council vote to close a designated fund, all money in the fund will go to the general fund or other Designated funds of the church.

  • Christian Life Center Mortgage: CLC Mortgage – This fund is designated for payments on the bank loan for Trinity’s CLC building.
  • Agape Mission: Agape Fund – This fund is designated to disburse monies for emergency financial needs of individuals and families in the community.
  • Hinton Mission: Hinton Mission - This fund is designated for supplies and equipment as well as travel expenses of team members and other expenses.
  • Kairos Prison Ministry: Kairos Prison Ministry – This fund is designated to purchase supplies and pay expenses necessary for the Kairos Prison Ministry.
  • Missions: Mission Fund – This fund is designated for collection of monies from various fundraiser until they are disbursed.
  • Food Pantry/Emmaus Table: Food Pantry - This fund is designated for the purchase of food and other support items for the Food Pantry as well as to purchase and maintain equipment primarily used for Food Pantry purposes.
  • Emmaus Table - This fund is designated for the serving of our weekly hot meal to the needy in our area. Monies are used to purchase supplies, staples and any needed items to maintain the running of the soup kitchen.
  • New Horizons Youth Choir: New Horizon's Youth Tour – This fund is designated for support of concert and Mission trips. Monies are used for travel, food, and other needs of the choir and chaperones.
  • Scholarship: Scholarship Fund – This fund is designated for annual distribution of scholarships to Trinity’s college applicants.
  • Trinity/Miller School Partnership: Trinity/Miller School Partnership - (Miller is a neighborhood, Title I school). This fund is designated for purchase of school supplies and to show support and encouragement for students, faculty and staff.
  • Endowment: Endowment Fund – This fund is designated to collect endowed donations for the purpose of accruing earnings on those funds for the benefit of Trinity. Eighty percent of the earnings may be disbursed annually upon the recommendation of the Endowment Committee, with the remaining twenty percent being reinvested to accrue earnings.
  • Altar Flowers: Altar Flowers - This fund is designated for the purchase of flowers for the sanctuary altar.
  • Handbells: Hand Bells - This fund is designated for purchasing, repairing, and upkeep of the hand bells and associated equipment. This fund is also used to defray costs of trips of bell choir members to perform concerts.
  • Prayer Garden:Prayer Garden – This fund is intended to be used for the maintenance of the Prayer Garden including, but not limited to, the replacement of plantings and materials and repair of garden.
  • Prime Timers: Prime Timers — This fund is designated for costs associated with Trinity’s Prime Timers. This may include, but is not limited to, the cost of outings, speakers, entertainment, and meals.
  • Trustees Contingency: Trustees Contingency – This fund is designated for use by the Trustees to maintain/support the church property and facilities. Specifically targeted for those “unknown/unknowns” which may be outside the budgeted or planned expenses.
  • Youth Designated: Youth Designated – This fund is designated for the youth to do funds raisers and use that money towards future trips and events.